Sans Elle (Litterally ‘Without Her’) intrigues. However, her name discloses a lot about her music and hersef. A straight-forward, natural personality, suggested sensuality. Within her voice, a whole music history unfolds while her personality comes through. Sometimes a caress and she’ll touch you with deep vibratos which remind of Sarah Vaughan, sometimes a powerful flight inherited from Stevie Wonder’s soul & blues cultures.


Sans Elle meets a tidy success with her debut album ‘Beyond’ produced and distributed by the label SAY YAY !

Within a few months, she wins Jazz en Baie, is a finalist of Golden Jazz Trophy and Al Jarreau selects her to take part in Shure Montreux Jazz Voice Competition. She also presents her album at several festivals – Jazz on Seine, Issy Jazz Festival – and in numerous Parisian clubs: Sunset, du Marcounet, de la Bellevilloise, des Disquaires, du Café Universel, de la Cave 38 Riv’... 50 shows throughout France in 2015-2016. 


Beyond is also aired on a dozen international FM, web radios and blogs of which RFI, Swiss Radio, Chérie FM, Aligre FM, Soul Tracks (USA). « The best 2014 jazz and soul album » for Polynésie Première which airs it daily for several months (200 000 listeners).


Beyond is a shimmering invitation beyond aesthetical and geographical boundaries. All faces of Afro-American music, from jazz, soul, groove to blues and gospel mix with latin grooves or pop sounds. It gathers 14 musiciens: France, Switzerland, India, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, Cuba...

"Her first album is a beautiful discovery between jazz & contemporary soul (...) Definitely an artist to keep an eye on."  according to Soul Bag.




Lilsten to Sans Elle's interview in English on international radio RFI


'Sans Elle is the French Jazz revelation of the year.'


' A rising voice in French Jazz. ' 

N.Vidal, BSC news Jazz Club


'Classy with a capital C, the best vocal jazz & soul album of 2014' 

George Bonazzelli, Polynésie Première.


'A voice that reminds the warm shades & subtle sparkles of beautiful fabrics'

Félix Marciano (Jazz Mag, Jazzman)


"Her first album is a beautiful discovery between jazz & contemporary soul. Unlike many of her pairs, she chooses the path of an entirely original repertoire in English & French which she embodies with a voice that at times resembles Niki Yanofski's. Definitely an artist to keep an eye on."

Frédéric Adrian, Soul Bag n° 217


 'Great warm sounding jazz musicians supporting adventurous soul sound '  

All about Jazz

'Superb album. What a groove !'

J-M Gélin (Les dernières nouvelles du jazz)



Wes Berwise Soul Show (London)


SoulTracks First Listen Check the review


'An artist to be discovered asap. Her album is our team's crush'

Radio Geyster


' (...) A delightful show where Sans Elle unselfconsciously unfolds lovely melodies, chosen words '  

La Voix du Luxembourg Read the article (in FR)


 'Sans Elle  is at times a sensual whisper then a powerful flight of soul'

Sortir à Lille